NBC Awards

These are just some of the awards of the Providence Chapter including Quartet and Chorus awards from past Division and District Contests. 

15 District Champions and International representatives

District Year District Convention City Director for District International Year International Contest City Director for International
1957 Montreal, QE Ev Wood 1958 Los Angeles, CA (Did not compete)
1958 Boston, MA Ev Wood 1959 Columbus, OH Ev Wood
1981 Lake Placid, NY Ted Doran 1982 Pittsburg, PA Ted Doran
1983 Providence, RI Ted Doran 1984 St. Louis, MO Ted Doran
1984 Worcester, MA Ted Doran 1985 Minneapolis, MN Ted Doran
1985 Montreal, QE Ted Doran 1986 Salt Lake City, UT Ted Doran
1986 Lake Placid, NY Ted Doran 1987 Hartford, CT Ted Doran
1987 Worcester, MA Ted Doran 1988 San Antonio, TX Ted Doran
1989 Montreal, QE Ted Doran 1990 San Francisco, CA Ted Doran
1991 Lake Placid, NY Mark Goodney 1992 New Orleans, LA Rick Lepore
1994 Lake Placid, NY Kirk Young 1995 Miami Beach, FL Kirk Young
1995 Lake Placid, NY Kirk Young 1996 Salt Lake City, UT Kirk Young
1996 Portland, ME Kirk Young 1997 Indianapolis, IN Kirk Young
2008 Lowell, MA Gail Jencik 2009 Anaheim, CA Gail Jencik
2010 Portland, ME Bob O'Connell 2011 Kansas City, MO Bob O'Connell