Our Chorus

The mission of the Providence, RI Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society shall be to encourage and promote the a cappella style of music known as "Barbershop" harmony to men of all ages, and to strive to become a premier men's choral organization.

Our Focus

  • We sing popular music in 4-part a cappella style known as "Barbershop."

  • We are based in Providence, Rhode Island, and perform primarily in the New England area. Our shows include ballads, uptunes, specialty songs, and comedy.

  • We have fun while singing, and we are known for entertaining performance packages.

  • We include men of all ages from southern New England.

  • We are committed to high quality singing, and we have 15 District Chorus Championships over our 60+ year history.

  • We help men to learn and sing better through a time-tested learning system and our meetings are open to all.

"Our aim is to provide very high quality a cappella vocal entertainment for our audiences, primarily in the Barbershop style of four part harmony, and to promote this style of singing among men and women of all ages."

Upcoming Events


We are hosting a fundraiser by selling merchandise or event tickets to various shows and events throughout the area! All proceeds benefit the Narragansett Bay Chorus! 

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